MasterCard® Priceless Gift Finder™ is an online tool designed to drive e-commerce by helping online shoppers find the perfect holiday gift in a matter of seconds.

54 percent

Of Moms have a hard time staying within their holiday budget while 26% have trouble finding thoughtful and creative gifts, according to the National MasterCard Moms Speak Out 2009 Holiday Survey.

priceless campaign

HUGE helped MasterCard launch their holiday marketing initiative with a fun and innovative shopping platform.

Digital take the lead

HUGE developed an original idea that drove creative across traditional platforms including broadcast and an online ad campaign that was Mastercard's largest digital ad spend to date, resulting in nearly one billion online impressions.

To make holiday shopping feel more entertaining and less like a chore, HUGE seamlessly incorporated online video vignettes from star NFL quarterback Peyton Manning and actress Alyson Hannigan, who were similarly starring in a series of television commercials that drove consumers to the online experience.

Achieve the impossible: make holiday shopping fun

In order to keep the process simple and usable, shoppers set their price point and then answered a few questions about the gift recipient. The Priceless Gift Finder then revealed personalized gift selections with accompanying ratings and reviews. The celebs helped guide the gift selection process, hilariously suggesting not-so-perfect gift ideas before leading visitors to a highly-curated list of Amazon products.

"The MasterCard Priceless Gift Finder represents a significant focus by MasterCard on driving e-commerce this holiday season," said Cheryl Guerin, Senior Vice President, U.S. and Digital Marketing, MasterCard Worldwide. “There are few better feelings during the holidays than to give someone a gift that you know they will enjoy,” she continued. "The utility of this tool makes it easy to select these perfect gifts," she said, “while tracking a budget and managing a holiday shopping list using social media applications that are already a part of many shoppers’ daily lives.”

Integrating e-commerce into a marketing platform

HUGE did all design and development of the Gift Finder, including leveraging Amazon's API web services platform and Facebook integration to provide specific product data. Shoppers could sign on with their Facebook logins in order to compile lists of their network friends, revealing pre-loaded profile information. The resulting platform made holiday purchases easy for consumers, and in return increased sales conversions for MasterCard.