NutriSystem's mission is to provide a weight loss program based on quality foods and a nutritionally balanced meal plan; individualized counseling is the core of its commitment that customers always have the privacy, support and knowledge needed to reach their goal weight.

36 percent

Boost in lead generation during the three short months it was in beta testing. "Plus, we succeeded in our ultimate goal of higher site wide conversion," says Chris Terrill, CMO at NutriSystem.

"We transformed the site from the bottom up, creating a new, contemporary online brand experience that not only looked great, but was easier for our customers to navigate." says Chris Terrill, CMO at NutriSystem.

The ultimate before and after

HUGE worked with NutriSystem to revolutionize its online presence – from a ‘get-in, get-out’ buying destination to a place where dieters can learn from other dieters and get authentic, useful information. Not stopping there, we brought front-and-center online tools and community features that make the site stickier than one of its 160-calorie dessert bars. The result? More leads, more conversions, and a more loyal group of customers.

Real people. Real success.

HUGE’s first task was to take a look at NutriSystem’s existing campaigns, see what was working, and translate that momentum into a comprehensive digital strategy. HUGE introduced a clean, open design that highlights the stories of both real people and celebrities who lost weight using the program. These testimonials go deeper than those of NutriSystem’s competitors, which usually stop at a few airbrushed photos and a perky sound bite. Site visitors can actually see what plan was being used and read diet tips directly from the source. In other words, build a community by connecting in a way that’s more personal and relatable.

Now that we’re all here...

With the newly-energized site now experiencing a significant jump in traffic, HUGE was free to focus on its next objective: reorganizing the site’s architecture. Its comprehensive collection of nutritional information and broad range of planning and tracking tools weren’t getting their proper exposure. What good is having a "Mindset Makeover Behavioral Guide" or an "Online Progress Tracker" if the majority of visitors aren’t aware the content is there in the first place?

The test kitchen goes digital

In order to vet this new schema and get a better look at how users were moving through the site, HUGE implemented multiple in-house usability studies. Specific attention was given to the process of choosing and planning meals, one of the backbones of the NutriSystem program. The designs were then put through A/B and multivariate testing in order to arrive at the best possible ordering experience for buyers.

We created an easy graphic experience for users to navigate the over 170 available meals and easily select their daily menus. The revamped framework allows NutriSystem to better showcase the flexibility and customization inherent in its plans while letting users shop just like they would for regular groceries. Features like the "A Typical NutriSystem Day" module help reassure skeptical purchasers and provide a real-world grounding for their decisions.

Delicious results

These efforts have paid off. Said NutriSystem Senior VP of e-commerce, Chris Terrill: “At, we were the ultimate ‘before and after.’ From a site perspective, we were slow, tired and out of shape, needing help across the board. After partnering with HUGE, we transformed the site from the bottom up, creating a new, contemporary online brand experience that not only looked great, but was easier for our customers to navigate.” He added, "Plus, we succeeded in our ultimate mission of higher site wide conversion."


Staying lean and focused

HUGE and NutriSystem continued to improve upon the site’s success to optimize the ordering process, maximizing conversion across the board. And following the release, we reimagined the system and created a tool to help dieters track their rewards for referring other customers through the NutriSystem dieter incentive program. With websites as with weight management, a series of measured, positive changes over a continued period has proven to be what gets them to their goal.