HUGE has developed a process that combines strategy, creativity, and technology to design and implement digital marketing products for a diverse set of client circumstances and goals. The following is an overview of key phases and steps supporting our approach:


HUGE client engagements begin with research and consumer insight analysis that informs comprehensive digital business and marketing strategy

  • Interviews with stakeholder audiences
  • Market research and consumer insights
  • Brand and content audit
  • Competitive and market landscape analysis
  • Assessment of existing platforms and technology
  • Business analysis


Strategists identify solutions that will give clients an advantage in their market. With a strategic roadmap in hand, user experience teams map out the complex structure, content, and dependencies that underpin modern platforms and marketing initiatives.

  • Goal prioritization and implementation roadmap
  • Creation of user personas, scenarios, and decision journeys
  • Strategic business vision
  • Marketing strategy
  • Briefs for creatives, designers, and UX
  • Measurement and analytics plan
  • Inventory of required assets


Creative teams focus on concepting and refining campaign ideas across multiple channels. Visual designers apply brand and experience across all touch points. Content strategists determine what content best suits campaign and platform elements.

  • Creation of platform wireframes
  • Creative concepting and sketching
  • User Experience design
  • Prototyping and user testing
  • Development of marketing campaign architecture

Build and Deploy.

Work starts on the programming, scripting, and execution needed to bring the designed platforms and campaigns to life. User testing and quality assurance reviews are completed and programmers and technologists work to deploy and launch.

  • Development of creative assets
  • Style guidelines created
  • Functional specifications and annotations
  • Testing and analytics
  • Front-end and back-end development and infrastructure set-up
  • Technology Implementation
  • Launch management
  • Launch communications

Measure and Evolve.

Once a platform or program is live, analysts continuously evaluate the effectiveness of launched features, experiences, and campaigns, applying insights into ongoing improvements.

  • Tracking analysis
  • Feedback based enhancement
  • Media optimization
  • User research and plan for future enhancements
  • Ongoing engagement